Taking Care of Dad


I have been taking care of my Dad for almost a month now and it is quite a difficult task, yes very satisfying because I am taking care of a loved one, but that does not take the difficulty away from the situation.

My Dad has always been a very ‘special’ human being. Special, meaning that his personality is quite strong and now that he is old and not able to tend for himself has put him in a situation that is very hard to accept.

I started this post a long time ago and left it as a draft. My Dad is gone now. =( I wish I could have done more for him. =(

I love you Dad and I miss you so very much… =(

It’s All About Education


It’s All About Education

So many unanswered questions come into my mind when I stop to think about the present situation that schools are going through. The most urgent one is DISCIPLINE. Where do we begin to make things better for everyone involved, especially our students? How do we approach the titanic task of teaching character education?

A couple of days ago I was sitting in the cafeteria of our school having breakfast with a couple of teachers. We sat there sharing our everyday experiences we face in the classroom. While we were there, a group of students came in, joined some tables, and sat down to enjoy some time off. I should add that I’m not even sure if these students were supposed to be there because it was not recess time for anyone. The students began getting quite noisy and disruptive which made me stand up with the intention of going over and asking them to lower the volume. I was stopped by my colleagues telling me that it was not my place to say anything to the students because it was there ‘free time’.

I felt quite embarrassed but I decided to let it go at that and think it over before reacting and saying things I should not. The students, in the meantime, kept on with their shouting and rowdiness. I left the cafeteria with a lot of questions which I immediately vowed to find answers to.

First I decided to pose the questions to my groups without involving my colleagues. I presented the scenario and asked them if it would have been inappropriate for me to go over and ask these students to lower the volume. To my surprise, the majority said it was what a teacher should do and that I should have gone over and talked to them. Only one student said he did not agree mentioning that these students were in recess and should be allowed to do as they pleased. I asked him that if being in recess gave them that right and he thought about it and realized that no.

Then I thought about the comment my colleagues said that if the people managing that cafeteria did not ask them to lower the volume, then I could not. As I see it, the cafeteria is on school grounds and owned by the school. I firmly believe the school should be responsible for dictating the code of conduct for the cafeteria. The managers are there to sell food and sure enough do not want to lose clientele, so they will not be calling anyone’s attention.

We then come to the teachers. What is our job? Are we there to ignore these situations excusing ourselves that it does not correspond to us? I strongly disagree. We are there to take advantage of every situation where we can make a difference. We are there to guide and help students be better persons. We are there to show them that it is not only the classroom that requires appropriate behavior. We are there not to fill them with information, but to EDUCATE. It is our duty as teachers to exemplify GOOD CHARACTER, which is the primary product of education.

I’m sure we all want to see our students making good judgments every day. We want to see students seeking wisdom, acting virtuously, valuing truth, wisdom, hard work, honesty, compassion, empathy, enlightenment, and love of knowledge. To accomplish this, we have to be there to help them, even though they might show resistance and reluctance and even despise us at the moment. In the end, they will appreciate that we took the time to help them improve.

In conclusion, I want to see the educational system working well and the best indicator is the character of our students. There is no doubt that the indelible mark of the school can be seen on the students, and that dear teachers, definitely involves all of us and administrative staff working together to accomplish this.

Keep the fork!

Blanca Julia Garza

Feeling Well


I have decided that it is time I felt well. It has been so long since my body just does whatever it wishes and produces pains everywhere, that it is unnerving. So, now I have decided that, no matter what, I am going to feel well.

So, the varicose ulcer that I have in my leg should just close up and not bother me anymore.

The Rheumatoide arthritis pains that I have, should just disappear and forget that my body was available to them.

The stupid cold that decided to make its way into my body is definitely not wanted nor needed. So, it is high time it should die away.

There, I want my body healthy and vigorous again and I know I can have it. 🙂

A Love Story


His wife is injured. She needs help.

Her condition is very serious and appalling.

She is in great pain.



Her husband brings her food and

feeds her with love and compassion.

This is the only thing he can do to help.



Even though he has fed her, she dies.

He can’t believe it, he is shocked,

he tries to move her.


He realizes that she is dead!

This can’t be happening!

She is all he has!

He cries for her not to leave him!!!


There is absolutely nothing to be done…

He just can’t accept it.

His cries are heard everywhere.


He finally understands that

she will not come back to him.

He stands beside her engulfed

in his deep and profound sorrow.

He silently bids her good-bye…


These photos were published in the Republic of Ukraine.

The bird tries desperately to save his wife.

Many people cried after seeing these pictures.


Love is not about  finding someone to live with;

but finding someone you can’t live without.


Sometimes it’s okay.  Sometimes it’s not one desperate act after another.  Sometimes we hear the music that is always there.  As the old Irish homily goes:  “The most beautiful music is the music of what happens.”  It is not necessary to run to a remote, quiet place to hear it.  It is here already, always.  The essence of eternity is how we experience the present.  The witnesses are here in ourselves.  The fullness of our inheritance denies nothing.

~ Terrance Keenan

I  read this quote in another blog and I had to copy it. I loved it!

Thank you Bountiful Healing !

I Do Not Believe…I Believe


I do not believe in finding someone who will “fill my life”, I believe in living a life full of wonder and joy so I can share it with that ‘someone’.

I do not believe someone makes you feel love for him/her. I believe love is in us and if we have matured enough to be able to develop and maintain it, then it will surely blossom when two people share thoughts and feelings.

I do not believe in the exclusivity of giving and being. I believe in an integral attitude towards life and in different ways of expression without  limitations and conditions.

I do not believe in the promise of an everlasting love. I believe in respect and honesty and in a mature love that leaves enough space and freedom to share  growth and expansion.

I Believe in love when two people decide on it; On love that is shared without pressures and demands. I do not believe in a ‘unilateral’ effort to be loved.

I do not believe in ‘love at first sight’ or in ‘believing in someone’ in a very short time. I believe in speaking the ‘same language’, in feeling comfortable with closeness, in energy connections, in shared vibrations like when two rivers join to flow in the same course.

I do not believe in love where people go through suffering. I believe in loving in harmony. In love that grows, not diminishes. In ‘I love you’ without a reason to do so, just pure down-to-earth love (or maybe a bit in the clouds…  🙂  ).

I do not believe in love that limits, that stops, that refrains. I believe in relationships that support, that encourage, that can see into your eyes and understand, that are there, that touch your soul.

I do not believe in keeping quiet so you won’t hurt the other person. I believe in sincere communication as the best means of ‘building’, ‘coinciding’, and ‘deciding’.

I believe in being aware of life’s flow and accepting it without resistance. Of being able to listen and understand how much each one can and is willing to accomplish.

I believe in the complete sincerity when saying ‘I love you” and when saying “I’m leaving”.

I believe that each one creates their life and I believe in the phrase that says: “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react“. I believe  we need the courage to face life without fears, living in the present, not worrying about the past nor the future, and knowing full well that it is in our attitude that will make it worth living.

I blindly believe in pure, unconditional, warm, whole love that is so profound as an emotion, as beauty, as a physical sexual act, and helps you reach levels of understanding that otherwise would not have been there for you to grasp.

I believe, oh Yes, I believe!